Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

Why Use an SRES®

For the “Over Fifty” Buyers, Sellers & Borrowers

SRES® designees are certified senior specialists and astute to the financial and emotional challenges senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home.

SRES® designees not only can create a customized approach to marketing and selling your property, but they also can work with you to explore your housing options to ensure that your next home best serves your current and future needs.

Such certified specialists have special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages and the importance of universal design to the uses of pensions, 401k accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions.

They’ll also help you steer clear of loan schemes and scams that victimize aged 50+ borrowers.

And when you need help from other professionals, SRES® designees can tap their network and put you in touch with qualified home inspectors, movers, attorneys, CPAs and other experts.

SRES® designees have all the resources and knowledge to simplify the transaction and eliminate the anxiety of selling your home.

Are you thinking about moving closer to family or closer to relaxation post-retirement? Are you concerned with how and where to begin? Do you have years of memories and belongings? Are you feeling overwhelmed about making these choices? Your answers to these and many other questions and concerns are as varied as the individual.

I understand that it often takes years to decide when to move – let alone where or how.  Many people put off until tomorrow what can and should be done today. It can be very helpful to align yourself with professionals who specialize in assisting senior citizens and their families.

As an SRES designee, I want to empower you and ensure that you are in good hands. My mission is to give the gift of knowledge and a true sense of caring to my over-fifty clients. It is my goal to earn your trust and help however I can. I do this by being here to answer your questions, refer you to trusted resources and support you along the way.

Always remember, it is my desire to help you live your life on your terms.


Brenda Smith

For Seniors

Trying to get up to speed on all the new over 50 housing options?

SRES® designees can offer insight on creative new options, such as intentional communities and co-housing environments, as well as more traditional housing choices, including:

Independent Living: Condos, townhouses and single family homes that are smaller and more maintenance free than large family properties are frequently people’s first choice, especially if they’re healthy and active.

Adult Family Homes: Such properties are licensed to care for up to six residents in a home setting. Services typically include meals and housing maintenance and attending to residents’ safety and care. Facilities may specialize in addressing specific health concerns and provide care and an environment tailored to those conditions.

Continuing Care Retirement Living Communities: A Continuing Care Retirement Living Community offer progressive levels of assistance, depending on a person’s needs. They include independent and assisted living and nursing care.

Active Adult Communities: Active adult communities aim to service the interests of active adults over the age of 55. Housing types often include condos, townhouses and single-family properties, and all are designed with an eye toward delivering a maintenance-free lifestyle for residents. Such communities offer a vast array of on-site activities, including exercise, social clubs, art instruction and lecture series.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care: Facilities specialize in caring for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease offer programs that address residents’ needs and provide an environment where they can live safely. Housing services typically include personal care, such as bathing and dressing and administering medicine, along with dining and housekeeping. In addition, many buildings incorporate over 50 design features, such as safe wandering paths and color coded areas to help with way-finding. Such designs provide comfort and ease residents’ anxiety.

Assisted Living Communities: Residents live in their own apartments, but have the benefit of an on-site staff, meal service in communal dining spaces, and planned activities and outings. Some assisted living communities also offer access to nurses and daily living assistance. Others may offer more extensive medical and personal services.

Choosing the appropriate over 50 living arrangement is challenging not only because it entails an emotional dimension, but also because of the complex issues you need to weigh, such as cost, location, services, amenities, activities, and current and future care needs.

SRES® designees can consult with you to make the best over 50 housing choice for you or your loved one. The can also work with you to anticipate care needs as you age to ensure that today’s housing choice will serve you well tomorrow.

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For Seniors
For Seniors

Downsizing? Does it make sense...

When you’re considering downsizing to a smaller home, here are some important questions to ask:

— Does your home provide the best environment for the physical needs you have?
— Do you have trouble performing the routine maintenance of your large home?
— Is it difficult finding workers and service people to help you take care of your existing home?
— Is your home isolating you from friends who already moved away from the neighborhood?
— Are finances keeping you from enjoying the home you’ve loved for so many years?
— Do you feel you have adequate security where you are?
— Do you feel you have proper access to medical care in your present home?

Don’t try to downsize your belongings on your own. I have a list of senior resources that I would be happy to share with you.